Wednesday, October 21, 2015

How To Gain REAL & ACTIVE Unlimited Instagram Followers! (Without Following Others!) [2015 Method]
Are fans offering real Instagram users? If you have already... and we are the Kings, of course these are not real users and going to explain why. First the numbers of followers that are offered in larger packs (up to 100000 followers) are so exorbitant that already give you an idea of the system they use would be impossible to control with real users. Do you really believe that some of these websites can handle 100000 Instagram users to follow the profile of another person when they want to? Of course this does not. Additionally not only is pure logic, but that there are clear indicators that demonstrate that those user accounts are false, such as: the number of comments, Likes and mentions your photos is are stagnant and just go up. It would be logical that they increase in proportion to your number of followers, but the truth is that this not the case and just vary the activity of your profile. The sale of followers on Instagram continues to be a business for the sites that are involved in offering this type of packs. These sites are equipped with automated systems that allow them to create dozens or even hundreds of accounts in block in a few minutes, whereupon, much less information have to enter in the form of account creation, easier and faster you will be doing so. Although in other platforms this issue is increasingly controlled (e.g. with the verification by means of: sms or call, connection with other web profiles, use captcha, etc), the truth is that Instagram is just beginning to take it seriously and still has a lot to improve in this aspect. The only thing that really increases is the figure which indicates the followers you have, keeping your popularity on the same level as before. Another aspect that should be taken into account before buying followers, is that Instagram can detect that it is an attack spam to your profile, with the consequences that this entails; lock time on your list of followers (your list of followers will be empty) and elimination of those followers with false accounts, Instagram reserves the right to remove all of your followers without notice (see it here). Trust us, your followers of suddenly increased so high will arouse suspicions in Instagram and you lose them all. Just in the last few days that a user contacted us via email, explaining that suddenly your list of followers appeared empty. The reason? Very simple, basically step have a day 400 followers to have more than 1000 the next day, this obviously provoked Instagram eliminated all the followers of their own and believe me, every time they will control it more.

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