Tuesday, October 20, 2015

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As if there were not enough the fact that has always been questioned the talent of various artists today, the singer Belinda was accused of purchasing visits on the social network of YouTube videos. "It is an issue to be solved already, I am happy because this record no man taketh it me," said the singer. The allegations occurred in Mexico, then to the latest videos of Belinda, "in the dark", pass of having only 17 thousand visits to suddenly rise to more than 100 million, so it has been brought to buy tickets on the website. For his part, singer said ignoring the fact and instead said that the video exceeded their expectations. "What happened is that we had a very successful video, which is now reaching the 110 million visits, giving very strangely removed from YouTube," said the singer. "If I could buy 100 million visits, I would be living in Dubai and not working. That did not happen. About videos that have many visits and is as rare. Blocked them for a while, maybe spam, I know that and will already be resolved, and I am happy because this record no man taketh it me", added the Mexican singer, although no one believed him.

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