Tuesday, October 20, 2015

YouTube Traffic - How To Get More Views and Subscribers on YouTube

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Why buy real visits? From 2014 Youtube imposed strong rules and detections to videos that will increase your visits of artificial way. To this day the vast majority of videos that artificially increase their visits on Youtube are eliminated site and in cases reinsidentes channels are suspended. The only sure way to get an increase in your visits on Youtube is making real personal look your videos How do we obtain visitors for your videos? Rotate your videos musical in a network of portals, blogs, and sites of lists musical with a high traffic of people interested in several genres music, if it want to can send you the addresses of them sites where your video will be shown a time do an asked. This ensures that you not only increase your numbers on Youtube but you get a public search for new music and have time to see your video, Subscribe to your channel, give you an I like and perhaps leave any comments.

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