Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Youtube FREE Subscriber Bot WORKING 2016 - free youtube subscribers bot

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Before anything to thank you that you spend part of your time to answer our questions. I am producing a series of programs to upload them to my website and youtube, I have seen by google some companies that offer to go 5,000, 10,000... Visits to your site by a certain amount of money, not too much truth, ranges between 5 and €35, nothing that I'm going to ruin, also payment is by paypal, so protected or not?, I have read many opinions on the subject, they tend to say that it is a bad quality traffic, already not returning, well that I guess it depends on the content of your website so that I don't see it as an argument, to me what interests me is to present my product, besides by the usual means that I already know and I put into practice in a previous website, is not a saleable product, so no matter the public, if that matters who sees the videos, since it would attract potential advertisers, which is where I want to run the business of the same. As you say no is an important money in case of fraud, but it would set me wrong that take me hair, and visits are made by a bot and were not human, as if I could affect more than lost money, as youtube and adsense I could detect this and cancel my account. I leave a link of a couple pages of this type have what you think.

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